Lily Holmes

Hi, everyone! My name is Lily Holmes, and I’ve spent the last seven years traveling around the countries of Southeast Asia (the last ones I’ve visited were Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia). The first thing that impressed me in my acquaintance with oriental culture was the original interior of residential areas. Furniture is given special attention in the East. People pick up quality sofas, armchairs, couches with trepidation. I noticed that the Papasan chair plays a particularly important role in such interiors.


This fact prompted me to decide to study the features of such furniture, its advantages in more detail. Fortunately, today any earth inhabitant can afford the purchase of such a comfortable and stylish Papasan chair. In my blog, I reveal the characteristic features of all known types of Papasan armchairs and pillows for them. I suggest you take a fascinating journey into the world of upholstered furniture with my blog!


I will talk about current trends in the world of cushioned furniture, give some advice on choosing Papasan armchairs, and introduce you to the market for this furniture. As a result, you will be able to independently choose and purchase an amazingly comfortable and beautiful Papasan chair.

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