Are Modern Rattan Chair Solutions Moisture Resistant?

Are modern rattan chair solutions moisture resistant


Rattan furniture is one of the most demanded ones, although it is very expensive to have at home. If you are going to become the owner of a particular rattan chair, you should learn as much of its features and care rules as possible. One of the important recommendations says that rattan of natural origin is afraid of abundant moisture because that can make it prone to corruption.

Guide for Rattan Chairs Purchasers

Egg chair made from natural rattan is highly sensitive to moisture. Therefore, in an attempt to protect yourself from possible unpleasant situations, such as molding and drying out, you need to know how you can exploit and store your rattan chair properly.

Are rattan chairs waterproof?

Rattan, which is light and very resistant to damage, is often used to create terrace or garden furniture. It is not only practical but also quite beautiful. However, there are some details that the owner should be aware of when caring for this type of furniture. Rattan is a material that instantly absorbs moisture. That is why it is important to inquire about the caring rules for rattan chairs and sofas.


But surely you needn’t avoid taking care of such furniture. Light damp cleaning of products is permissible, but only with the subsequent wiping of the entire product dry. Rattan is not waterproof. On the one hand, it describes the plant-based material consisting of dried-out palm leaves. However, if you are looking for a great alternative to such material, you can pay attention to the synthetic rattan analogue. 

Are rattan chairs waterproof

Artificial, synthetic rattan is a tempting development of mankind that allows you to create furniture solutions that are delightful in shape and appearance. In addition to beauty, they carry practicality, durability, and the resistance to moisture desired by everyone. Resin wicker imitates natural rattan and allows your furniture not to be afraid of humidity.

Primary recommendations for rattan furniture maintenance?

The foundations for the longevity of rattan furniture are laid in the first months of the product’s use. Following experts’ recommendations, you can enjoy this furniture for as long as possible. Even rattan, which is sensitive to humidity and air temperature fluctuations, can remain beautiful and luxurious for a long time.

Remember that rattan furniture should not be exposed to water. It should not be hosed down (to clean it) or left in the pouring rain. Similarly destructive will be the presence of such furniture in direct sunlight (rattan can simply dry out). After soaking and rapid drying, rattan fibers lose their elasticity and flexibility, begin to crumble and break.

How to clean such furniture? You can use brushes with soft bristles (to remove dust and small crumbs) or a vacuum cleaner with a special brush attachment. If you want to wipe the rattan with a damp cloth, wring it out as much as possible, and then ensure that the product is thoroughly dried in a well-ventilated place.

How to move the rattan furniture?

If you want to relocate your rattan chair or sofa from one place to another, don’t drag it but gently carry the furniture. This keeps the rattan fibers intact. If mold appears on rattan furniture, it is essential to treat and eliminate it initially. This is usually done with a light bleach solution. It should treat the affected areas, leave for a while, and then wipe with a clean, damp cloth. The final stage of furniture treatment will be to dry the product thoroughly. Do not allow mold to spread, as it is very difficult to eliminate later. To prevent mold, store rattan furniture in dry, well-ventilated locations.

Rattan fibers are beautiful but very sensitive to stress. However, you can use fluffy cushions to protect such furniture (especially the seat and back) from sagging. Most modern rattan furniture is already supplemented with such soft and pretty accessories. But some rattan chair models may require you to purchase additional cushions. They will allow you to evenly distribute the weight of the sitting person and make the furniture more cozy and comfortable.

Is it dangerous to overdry the rattan chairs?

What are the primary recommendations for rattan furniture maintenance

Protecting rattan from water is definitely the right thing to do. But we should not forget about the risks of drying rattan fibers. This can happen when using furniture in hot weather outdoors or in closed rooms with dry air. If you notice the first signs of the rattan rods drying out, use boiled linseed oil and treat all chair surfaces. It is also essential to raise the humidity level in the room in which this furniture is installed. Use special household appliances to regulate the temperature and humidity levels. This will be very helpful not only for the furniture, but also for all the house’s occupants.

When using rattan chairs outdoors, rotate them periodically and change their location. Rattan can fade and lose its original coloring when exposed to the sun (even if you shelter it under a canopy). Rotating the furniture periodically will keep its homogenous, noble coloring.

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