The 39 Best Hanging Papasan Chairs of 2020 - Easy to Install, Comfortable in Use

Hanging papasan chairs


Nowadays, there are a lot of trends appearing and vanishing in a very short time. It is one of the reasons why people, in general, started to pay more attention to classical and casual decisions when it comes to furniture. But there’s one trend, staying popular years in a raw. And these are the hanging papasan chairs. They might seem odd at the beginning, but there’s something in them, ensuring their increasing popularity. And this tendency exists not just in the outdoor design. Outdoor papasan chairs also become more and more popular.  A lot of office projects include them as a part of the relaxation rooms, not telling about the growing number of indoor hanging papasan chairs, which are placed in the apartments. So let’s have a closer look at the most popular models. Notice, such a unit has lots of similar features with papasan swing chair.

Best Choice of 2020 Top Hanging Papasan Chairs:




Check Price
outdoor hanging resin wicker papasan chair

An excellent unit for outdoors rest

Sonyabecca macrame swing

Stylish macromé swing chair

Sonyabecca LED hanging macrame chair

Original hanging chair with cute lamps

Black Best Choice Products hanging chair

Original hanging chair with macromé elements

Grey Best Choice Products hanging chair

Stylish and comfortable gray chair, ideal for outdoor relaxing 

Beige Best Choice Products hanging chair

Attractive beige coloring

Barton outdoor swing lounge chair

50 x 41.5 x 78.5 inches

Original design, practical and convenient solution

Blue Barton Hanging egg chair

Comfortable chair with a beautiful blue pillow

Cream Barton hanging swing egg

Ideal patio hanging egg chair with cream cushion

Strong, reliable, hardy chair

Bark Flower House chair with stand

Comfortable double chair for a couple

Orange Flower House loveseat

Orange couch for couples in love

Red Flower House loveseat

Double hanging chair on a stand with a cute red pillow

Espresso Flower House loveseat

Cozy and stylish place for relaxation and chating

Tan vine Flower House loveseat

Comfortable seat for two adults

White Modway Encase Swing Chair

Cozy hanging chair with extraordinarily voluminous pillow

Beige Modway swing chair

Hanging chair with lush and comfortable beige pillow

Grey Modway swing chair

Stylish egg-shaped armchair – perfect for solo relaxation

Mocha Modway swing chair

Cozy, stylish, original

Navy Modway swing chair

Hanging armchair with dark, practical cushion

Orange Modway swing chair

Hanging egg seat with attractive, bright orange colored pillow

Peridot Modway swing chair

Comfortable seat that fits perfectly into any exterior

Red Modway swing chair

Reliable frame, soft bright red pillow

Turquoise Modway swing chair

In such a chair, you definitely want to relax and dream about pleasant things

Charcoal Island Gale X-Large Swing chair.

Unusual design – reliable and beautiful at the same time

Charcoal Latte Island gale swing chair

Hanging chair with stylish Latte cushion

Island Gale Latte rattan charcoal cushion

Astonishingly beautiful design

Island Gale latte rattan latte cushion

Latte colored artificial rattan and cushion

Pink CO-Z kids swing seat

29.5 x 29.5 x 59.1 inches

Comfortable and funny chair for a children’s room

Blue Co-Z Kids swing seat review

29.5 x 29.5 x 59.1 inches

Hanging seat for kid’s room (blue colored)

Green Co-Z Kids swing seat review

29.5 x 29.5 x 59.1 inches

Hanging kid’s papasan chair – best idea for your son or daughter

Resin wicker egg swing chair

Orginally shaped papasan chair for terrace or garden

White Modway Hide rattan ourdoor swing chair

Luxurious snow-white chair

Beige Modway Chair

Luxuriously looking papasan chair – white rattan and beige cushion

Orange Modway chair

First-class chair – comfortable and stylish

Red Modway Egg swing chair

Refined style – white frame and red pillow

Grey Modway Egg swing chair

White frame (metal and artificial rattan) and grey cushion

Mocha Modway Egg swing chair

Noble-colored armchair

Navy Modway Egg swing chair

Comfortable and stylish – black and white classic


Material: Polyester, aluminium frame
Collapsible: No
Color: Beige
Weight: 9 pounds
Dimensions: 44 х 44 х 14 inches

This is one of the most popular models according to the reviews. The chains make this model look like a casual swing for the garden, yet more comfortable and cozy. A soft cushion placed on the metal frame makes this hanging papasan chair a good alternative to the casual outdoor furniture. It is easy to hang, replace, or adjust. The construction of the frame and chains attached to both sides makes it rather stable and safe even for kids. If you are looking for a stable, safe and eco-friendly model, try this one with resin wicker wrap over an aluminum frame.


Material: Cotton macrame net with tassels
Collapsible: No
Color: White
Weight: 6.4 pounds
Dimensions: 31.5 x 23.6 x 45.2 inches

This is a chair, anticipated and valued by the ones, who like comfort and prefer nice delicate furniture. It is made of cotton, so it is 100% eco-friendly and differs from most of the models because it does not have a frame as we used to see in the hanging papasan chairs. The ropes make the carcass where a cushion is placed. This chair can be used as a reading nook or a light cradle. The only thing to be noted – it does not have a rotating hook, so it can’t rotate around. Though it has other advantages for the ones, who know what a good relax is. It looks delicate and fragile in a way but can handle 265 pounds’ weight if needed, thanks to the handmade macramé pattern.

Also choose an item with lamps:

Another model from Sonyabecca. It is perfect for outdoors, especially for the patio. What can be better than sitting in such a chair in the evening with your favorite book and a cup of flavoring tea? It can be used as an interior accent or as a casual seat, depending on your wishes. Macramé pattern can handle up to 265 pounds’ weight and still looks delicate and charming. Add some here and there and enjoy the magic. This model does not include cushion, but it is even better, as far you can choose the one you want separately and change it whenever you want to.

Also from another brand (Best Choice Products):

Handwoven Cotton Macramé Hammock Hanging Chair and its bohemian style is the best one for people who prefer stylish, beautiful furniture. However, this model is not just beautiful. It provides good relaxation for the bones and spine. It does not have a stand; instead it can be hung to the celling for swinging. Add here soft cushion with carefully selected fillings and you will get one of the best papasan hanging chair for relaxation and just having a good time with a book.


Material: Polyester, steel frame
Collapsible: No
Color: Beige
Weight: 59 pounds
Dimensions: 50 x 41.5 x 78.5 inches

This is the best choice if you want to make an outdoor space unique and stylish. It has one huge advantage – it is sold with a fluffy cushion. It is so nice to cuddle in it on a sunny but windy day with a book, to put it next to the pool and relax after a long swim or even place it into the deck just to make it cozy and warm.

Choose other colors:

This chair is not afraid of the weather – it is polyethylene rattan resin wicker wrapped around a steel frame so that you can enjoy your favorite cup of tea even in humid weather. Please note that it is designed for one person.


Material: Polyester, steel frame, resin wicker
Collapsible: No
Color: Espresso
Weight: 60 pounds
Dimensions: 37.5 x 37.5 x 75 inches

This is a cozy, stable, and comfortable chair, designed for one person. It goes with the cushion so that it can be used as a reading nook or a place for the rest after a difficult day. Egg shape makes it extremely cozy and secretive, so if you were looking for the model, allowing you to hide from the outside noises and sink into a book or just to have a nap, it is the very chair you need. This papasan hanging chair has a stand but might be attached to the ceiling if needed though it is not advised. The soft cushion is a pleasant addition, making this chair an outstanding choice.

As all the egg chairs in the market, this one has a stable stand and a cushion for better comfort. This model is neat yet cozy. That is why according to the reviews, it is one of the most popular ones. Add here an appropriate price and weather-resistant materials, and you will get one of the best hanging papasan chairs in the list. The construction of the stand makes this chair a stable and reliable one, so even kids can use it.


Material: Polyester, metal frame
Collapsible: No
Color: Bark
Weight: 89.4 pounds
Dimensions: 43 x 34 x 66  inches

This is one of the few models in the list suitable for two people, not just for one. In some cases, the models like this are called a mamasan chair, but it is not correct. In any case, this model has a huge advantage – the dimensions of its seat allow you to cuddle, relax, and even stretch your legs while your spine and back continue to rest.

Choose other colors:

This hanging papasan chair is weather-resistant, and the fabric can be easily washed. This makes the chair a good option for outdoor sitting regardless of the weather conditions.


Material: Synthetic fabric, steel frame
Collapsible: No
Color: White
Weight: 124 pounds
Dimensions: 40 x 29 x 69 inches

This piece of furniture will definitely become your favorite nook in the garden. It is inviting, cozy, and easy to move if needed. With this model, you can escape to the serenity anytime and spend precious hours relaxing and enjoying the gentle swinging and cozy atmosphere around.

Choose other colors:

This chair is also designed as a complete outdoor one. Yes, it looks gorgeous and has an air of true luxury, but it is stable and reliable at the same time. Even the cushion is fade and weather resistible. Wash it in the machine and enjoy lasting comfort.


Material: Steel frame, rattan wicker, cotton cushion
Collapsible: No
Color: Charcoal
Weight: 150 pounds
Dimensions: 58.9 x 47.2 x 78.7 inches

The chair is the thing you need if you want to enjoy lasting comfort and share pleasant moments with your family and loved ones. It is designed to fit two people at once, being of an extra-large size.

Choose other colors:

The coated steel frame ensures the chair’s reliability and long-lasting features. It holds two people easily and adjusts to any position you both take. This chair is the model of pure quality, so the satisfaction is guaranteed.


Material:  Cotton canvas, PVC cushion
Collapsible: No
Color: Pink
Weight: 2.95 pounds
Dimensions: 29.5 x 29.5 x 59.1 inches

The presented unit is the best proof that not only adults can and will enjoy hanging papasan chairs. This hanging papasan chair is designed for teens and kids as far as the spine experiences huge impact and pressure while studying, sitting in the same position at a school, and later at home. In the end, good relaxation becomes a must if you want to have your kid’s health saved.

Choose other colors:

The model is long-lasting and light, which makes it easy to move and replace if needed. It is 100% suitable for kids, as far was designed to fit the young adults’ needs and requirements. This chair will definitely become your kid’s favorite spot.


Material:  Steel frame, resin wicker, polyester cushion
Collapsible: No
Color: Orange
Weight: 100 pounds
Dimensions: 35.6 x 48 x 76.4 inches

is a modern and extremely popular model of a hanging papasan chair according to the provided reviews. And it is absolutely natural – it allows you to escape to your serene world, created by the coziness and slight swinging of this chair. It has a sturdy stand, making this model a perfect option if you need a piece of neat and cozy furniture next to the pool or at the porch. However, it is very secure, so it can be used in households with children. Do not hesitate to try one of the most popular models of the indoor hanging papasan chair, as far it suits perfectly in a cozy restroom or as an addition to your reading nook. It is designed for one person so that no one will disturb you.


Material:  Steel frame, synthetic rattan, polyester cushion
Collapsible: No
Color: White
Weight: 97 pounds
Dimensions: 40 x 43.5 x 77 inches

Incredibly stylish and comfortable chair. The luxurious white color of the frame is the perfect solution for any interior. A comfortable and soft pillow will give you unforgettable moments of relaxation in this stylish papasan swing chair. The product is made of metal (frame), artificial rattan. The chair is complemented by a soft pillow with a cover made of resistant polyester.

Choose other colors:

One can envy the variety of colors in which this model of a swing chair is offered. Thanks to such a rich choice, any buyer can easily choose a product for his unique and inimitable interior.

Guide to Buying the Best Hanging Papasan Chair

Let’s diccuss on the topic of hanging papasan installing, its usage and specific features of such a cushioned furniture.

Can you hang a Papasan chair?

Yes, you can. However, hanging papasan chair is considered to be one of the best options for a studio or any other apartment with a lot of space. Another option is to use this kind of chair in the garden in your cottage. Hanging papasan chairs have all the same advantages for the health and your spine as the casual ones, but in addition, they can swing while hanging. It makes relaxation even deeper and better. Try yourself and hanging chairs will become your №1 in the list. They do not just help to relax the spine and decline tension if not remove it at all. They work perfectly for balancing the nervous system after the difficult day. That is why it is considered to be a good practice to add these kinds of chairs into the relax room in many offices.

How do you hang a hanging chair?

The construction of the hanging papasan chairs ready to be hung is developed especially to make the installation as easy as ABC for anyone. So even if you do not have any experience you can handle the task. One of the things to be considered is to leave some space around so the chair can swing back and forth without any issues. It is not a very pleasant experience to bump constantly into the walls while relaxing. So before installation, make sure there’s enough space around to swing. The technique does not differ much in comparison to handling the hanging of any other heavy objects. The weight measurements should be conducted as well, as far as the characteristics of the joints and additional elements depend on it.

What does a Papasan chair look like?

All papasan chairs look more or less the same, even taking into account differences in models and dimensions. A classical hanging papasan chair is a rounded or round-shaped frame where some cushion can be adjusted. There are other types; some of them are even called «bag chairs». They are placed on the floor and adjust to the body position. Basically, the main advantage of papasan chairs in comparison to the casual ones we all got used to is that they all adjust to the position of the human sitting in them. The main difference is the frame shape and the filling of the cushion. Depending on your needs and requirements, choose the filling and the frame to enjoy the rest and relax at the end of the working day.

What materials are the Papasan chairs made of?

An indoor hanging papasan chair can be made of wood or ecology-friendly materials. It depends on the brand and model, as well as on the collection and the general trends in design. The frame is usually the most important part. It is the thing making hanging papasan chairs unique. Its shade distinguishes the model and the additional features of the chair. As a rule, they sell frames and the cushions separately, considering the cushions to be a reusable part, easy to replace. Though one can find all-in-one models if needed.

Cushions of different shapes, color and fillings are designed to be replaced. They are perfect for so-called “reusable design” when the general colors are pale and neutral and the design itself depends on the color accents here and there. But to be fair, an indoor hanging papasan chair itself is an accent in design, no matter which cushion is used.

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