The 12 Best Oversized Chairs of 2024 - Spacious and Comfortable Ideas

oversized chair

LAST UPDATED: April 02, 2021

The armchair is an indispensable attribute of any modern home. Such furniture units are installed in the living and bedrooms to create the most comfortable, practical, and harmonious interior. Special buyers’ attention is always riveted to comfortable oversized chairs. The secret of their popularity is quite obvious – every oversized comfy chair combines a spacious seat (designed for one or two persons), an ergonomic, stylish design, high-quality frame, and cushion materials.

Our Best Choice Oversized Chair

Let us introduce you the best oversized chair


Material: Plastic legs, microfiber cushion  Collapsible: Yes Color: Slate Weight: 91.27 pounds Dimensions: 46.46 x 37.01 x 39.96 inches

This is a convenient microfiber two-seat recliner chair for cozy rest. The oversized chair offers two positions – sitting and reclining. The product is unfolded in a matter of seconds. The soft microfiber cushion will provide complete relaxation and an unforgettable stay with your loved one. The slate coloring is practical and universal (suitable for almost any interior type).


Our expert team has tested a considerable number of such furniture solutions to present you worthy and the best oversized chairs. As a result, we have gathered 12 positions worth purchasing and exploiting. Look through the whole list of offered furniture proposals and make your choice. We have taken into account the diverse purchasers’ tastes and tried to include in this list equally stylish, comfortable, and high-quality oversized lounge chair models.

Best Choice of 2024 Top Oversized Chairs

Let us introduce you the best folding papasan chairs

Christopher Knight Home Alfred Fabric Club Chair with Ottoman

Best Ottoman Added

Christopher Knight Home Alfred Fabric Club Chair with Ottoman

  • Pretty quilted chair with an ottoman

Material: Textile
Collapsible: No
Color: Natural
Weight: 46.96 pounds
Dimensions: 33 x 35.25 x 33.73 inches


This pretty chair with an ottoman will definitely win your heart. This incredibly stylish and comfortable furniture can become the property of your home. The oversized chair and ottoman attract with tender natural color and pleasant to touch textile cover. The color of the chair and the ottoman is the same. Evaluate the proposed oversized chair with ottoman as an ideal living room addition. Households or guests will be able to settle in it snugly. The ottoman presence allows you to position your legs, relaxing muscles and relieving tension comfortably.

The light weight of the product makes it easy to move when needed. Stylish quilted upholstery on the back and decorative fittings give the chair originality and uniqueness. Lounge in this oversized chair and a half and feel a sense of relaxation, bliss, and comfort. One may place the offered oversized tufted chair either in the living or in the bedroom. It will look luxurious and stylish in any room. Please note that you will need to assemble it immediately after receiving. The assembly process is simple and takes little time. Follow the instructions from the seller.

Christopher Knight Home Halima 2-Seater Recliner

Our Top Pick

Christopher Knight Home Halima 2-Seater Recliner

  • Soft cushion, classic design

Material: Plastic legs, microfiber cushion
Collapsible: No
Color: Slate
Weight: 91.27 pounds
Dimensions: 46.46 x 37.01 x 39.96 inches


This lounge chair from the Christopher Knight brand astonishes both with concise design and convenience. A soft microfiber cushion is ideal for rest or even sleep time. The durable plastic frame and legs guarantee your safe and comfortable recreation time. The oversized reclining chair features attractive and, at the same time, not susceptible to dirt slate microfiber cover. It does not absorb dirt, so to clean the surface, it is enough to wipe it with a clean damp cloth from time to time. Such oversized recliner chairs will surely become a favorite place for cozy rest side by side with your loved ones.


Read books, talk, watch exciting movies or have a nap in this wonderfully spacious upholstered furniture. It is lightweight (easy to fold/unfold or move if needed) though stable and safe enough. Give yourself and your loved ones unforgettable hours of pleasant relaxation in this oversized recliner chair. The reviewing furniture solution will perfectly suit your living room, bedroom, terrace, or even a glazed balcony (if its size allows). Even though this chair does not unfold to a full reclining position, it is still possible to rest, relax and gain strength in it.

MFSTUDIO Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Best For Outdoors

Black Urban Shop Oversized Papasan Chair

  • Enjoy a picnic or fishing, feel the zero gravity benefits

Material: Textile, oxford
Collapsible: Yes
Color: Pacific blue
Weight: 20.55 pounds
Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 45 inches


This functional oversized zero gravity chair from the MFSTUDIO brand appears to be the best outdoors solution for wonderful recreation time. The seat is fully adjustable (both headboard and legs area). This device has a zero gravity option; therefore, it is able to ensure a physiologically correct body position during rest and give you complete healthy rest. This position allows to keep legs at the head level (a person lies in a chair), the load on the heart and the entire circulatory system decreases, the muscles relax.


The observing oversized chaise lounge chair possesses cute pacific blue upholstery. It is relatively lightweight so, the furniture appears to be the best solution for camping, fishing, spending time outdoors. The oversized lawn chair offers an adjustable design – control the position of your body and change it in a few seconds. The oversized chaise chair fits for people with a weight of no more than 350 pounds. Additional notable features of the product include a cup holder, ergonomic armrests, and a comfortable pillow in the form of a roller at the head.

OSP Designs BF25292-11 Papasan Chair with 360-degree Swivel

Best Swivel Design

OSP Home Furnishings BF25292-11 Papasan Chair with 360-degree Swivel

  • Big fluffy cushion, resin-wicker swivel frame

Material: Metal frame, resin wicker, polyester cushion
Collapsible: No 
Color: Black frame, white cushion
Weight: 29 pounds
Dimensions: 38 x 36.5 x 31.5 inches


The OSP Home Furnishings offers extraordinary cozy, fluffy and convenient oversized saucer chair. This papasan solution with a round metal frame is covered in stylish-looking and durable resin wicker. The last is synthetic material visually imitating rattan. The white cushion harmoniously complements the black frame. The contrasting design instantly attracts attention, making the chair an extraordinary addition to your interior. The offered white oversized chair is recommended for use by people with a body weight not exceeding 200 pounds.

This oversized papasan chair has a polyester cushion cover, guaranteeing durable and pleasant exploitation. Every second purchaser selects this oversized round swivel chair because it can rotate from one side to the other. This is a fun option that makes the chair even more comfortable to use. Place the mentioned oversized papasan chair in the living, bedroom, or any other location you prefer. It is both great for teens and adults. This nest-type oversized wicker chair is incredibly practical and convenient – just wipe its surface with a damp cloth from time to time. The chair is permissible to use both indoors and outdoors.

MacSports Outdoor Folding Lounge Chair

Best for Trips

MacSports Outdoor Folding Lounge Chair

  • Wonderful idea for outdoor relaxation time

Material: Stainless steel, textile
Collapsible: Yes
Color: Grey
Weight: 15.72 pounds
Dimensions: 28.7 x 32 x 36 inches


Look at this wonderful oversized camping chair with an attractive grey quilted cushion! The product is a luxurious outdoor chair with an ergonomic design, easy folding construction, a convenient pocket near the right armrest, and a carrying bag. Take this oversized folding chair from the MacSports on hiking, fishing, or even picnic. Any trip will immediately become more convenient and well-planned. In addition to the amazingly simple folding and unfolding mechanism, lightweight and stylish appearance, this oversized camp chair pleasantly surprises with the low price. You can relax in the presented chair pleasantly in the company of friends.

Place your favorite drink or snack in a pocket-holder and let the whole world wait for. Despite the seeming fragility of the structure, the chair is ready to withstand any person with a body weight of no more than 375 lbs. The robust stainless-steel frame is responsible for your safety, the soft cushion – for your unquestioning comfort. Fold the product, pack it in a case (included in the package), place it in the trunk of a car and go on a long-awaited journey.

Esright Grey Fabric Massage Swivel Lounge Reclining Chair

Best Massage Chair

Esright Grey Fabric Massage Swivel Lounge Reclining Chair

  • Amazing massage chair, soft and convenient

Material: textile
Collapsible: No
Color: Grey
Weight: 92.61 pounds
Dimensions: 33.1 x 35.8 x 43.2 inches


This comfortable and cozy armchair offers an abundance of relaxing options for your body health and comfort. This is a massage solution perfect for the elderly, athletes, and hard-working people. The presented oversized swivel chair from the Esright brand is adjustable and offers 3 positions for the back and 3 positions for the legs. It reclines as you wish. The reviewed grey oversized chair may offer you the perfect home massage session. It features 8 vibrating points and lumbar heating. So, this solution will surely give an unforgettable relaxation in combination with medical therapy.


By the way, it may swivel 360 degrees. The gray textile cover is pleasant to touch and easy to take care of. There are 2 cup holders and 2 roomy side pockets. These small details make the product as functional and comfortable as possible. Take your favorite drink or book with you and enjoy a soothing massage. Such oversized swivel chairs appear to be fantastic gifts for your parents or friends. You can simply relax in them or enjoy a warming massage that relieves tension and pain in joints and muscles.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Memory Foam Chair

Best Bean Bag

Chill Sack Bean Bag Memory Foam Chair

  • Funny and cozy upholstered home solution

Material: Microsuede, memory foam
Collapsible: No
Color: Charcoal
Weight: 44.8 pounds
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 34 inches,


This charming bean bag oversized chair is a comfortable home solution. The chair’s appearance resembles a large ball. Surprisingly, it is unusually soft and comfortable. Its inner material is durable and secure memory foam. The outer cover is made of dense microsuede material (attractive charcoal color shade). It retains its original color for a long time, does not absorb dirt, and is unpretentious in care. Wash this oversized bean bag chair cover in your washing machine (delicate mode and mild liquid detergents strictly). Such oversized bean bag chairs may accommodate one or even two adults or several children.

Enjoy the softness of the upholstery and the comfort of relaxation in this wonderful furniture solution. This oversized saucer chair for adult is fluffy, comfy, and lightweight at the same time. Carry it in the playroom or other places in your home, presenting the desired convenience to all of your households. The manufacturer offers many other bright, attractive shades, so you can always give preference to a darker or lighter color scheme (at will and following the requirements dictated by the interior).

Lifestyle Solutions Lexington Chair

Best Classic

Black Extra Comfort Folding Saucer with Suede Pad

  • Concise classic design, practicallity and comfort combination

Material: Microfiber
Collapsible: No
Color: Navy blue
Weight: 57 pounds
Dimensions: 39.8 x 31.1 x 33.5 inches


This stylish and elegant armchair will be a luxurious addition to any modern living room. The LifeStyle Solutions company presents the mentioned product. The first thing that this chair attracts buyers with is the color of its upholstery. It is a delightfully beautiful and rich-looking navy blue color. Noble, luxurious shades allow this chair to be installed in your living room, making it even more stylish and functional. This is a perfect oversized reading chair with a strong hardwood frame and soft microfiber cushion cover. There are 4 legs responsible for the stable chair position.

The furniture possesses 2 oversized cushions (seat and back) and 2 small cushions (rollers) placed near the armrests. The chair has a simple, but at the same time, fairly reliable design. It is very convenient to sit in it, read the next chapter of an exciting book, or just relax after a difficult, eventful day. This blue oversized chair can support a user with a weight of no more than 250 pounds. The manufacturer reminds you that the chair should be assembled. Simple and clear instructions will allow you to complete the assembly process quickly and correctly.

Pannow Modern Akili Swivel Accent Sofa Barrel Chair

Best Fashionable

Pannow Modern Akili Swivel Accent Sofa Barrel Chair

  • Extremely stylish quilted chair with 3 cushions

Material: Linen fabric
Collapsible: No
Color: Grey
Weight: 55 pounds
Dimensions: 43.7 x 42.13 x 25.98 inches


An amazingly luxurious and comfortable armchair from the Pannow brand will delight you with its appearance and functionality. Stylish grey upholstery is made of linen fabric, durable and enjoyable to touch. The oversized barrel chair has a robust metal frame (swivel type). It rotates as the user wishes. Soft quilted upholstery makes an indelible impression, gives coziness and comfort. The frame of the chair has a round shape, making it possible to enjoy a reasonably spacious seat. 3 small pillows complement the presented oversized swivel barrel chair harmoniously.

Their covers are removable, so you can always wash them and bring back their freshness. The maximum weight of a person that the specified chair can withstand is 250 pounds. Your living room will instantly transform and shine with new colors as soon as you complement it with this stylish and cute furniture. Spacious, incredibly comfortable seat, good back support, and cozy pillows – all these nuances create a feeling of comfort and coziness. This chair will definitely appeal to both adults and children. Choose from 6 available colors and treat yourself to the best hours of relaxation in this chair. Place it in any zone of your home (living room, lounge area, playing room).

Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Leather Living Room Armchair

Best Leather Solution

Stone & Beam Lauren Oversized Leather Living Room Armchair

  • Natural leather chair, simple and convenient design

Material: Hardwood frame, leather
Collapsible: No
Color: Cognac
Weight: 84.7 pounds
Dimensions: 46.06 x 44.88 x 37.4 inches


Meet another stylish and comfortable armchair for your luxurious living room. The Stone & Beam producer presents this worthy product. The frame of the chair is made of high-quality and durable hardwood material. It is robust enough and ready to withstand everyday loads. 2 removable pillows are filled with a combination of down and feather. The cushion cover is made of natural leather. Estimate the luxurious color of the presented oversized leather chair.

This is an attractive and rich-looking cognac color. Genuine leather is incredibly easy to clean – the pillows can be removed from the chair and wiped with a damp and then dry cloth. The chair will serve you for many years while maintaining an impeccable appearance. Give your living room a new interior mood, adding a unique flavor and originality. These leather oversized chairs are comfortable to sit and relax in after a busy day. The pillows are pretty soft but also support the body perfectly and allow you to relax. Note that the chair is lightweight, so you may easily change its position if needed.

Vonanda Multi-Function Folding Convertible Chair

Best Multipurpose

Vonanda Multi-Function Folding Convertible Chair

  • 4-in-1 perfect multifunctional device

Material: Metal frame, sponge and linen cushion
Collapsible: Yes
Color: Dark grey
Weight: 79.5 pounds
Dimensions: 74 x 37 x 17 inches


This is truly the most versatile and intelligent armchair you have ever met. The smart design allows it to take the shape of several furniture types in turn. This 4-in-1 solution may serve you as an ottoman, chair, lounge, or bed. The device can support one or more persons with a total weight of up to 440 lbs. The design of the offered chair is quite reliable and durable. The metal frame serves as a strong base. It is complemented with an amazingly soft sponge and linen cushion. The dark grey color of the upholstery looks stylish and keeps a clean and tidy appearance for a long time.

Apply this oversized chair sleeper when you need to organize some place for your household or guests. Also, the device may turn into a compact ottoman and serve as a stand for household items or a comfortable foot stand. If you want to save space in the room and at the same time arrange a cozy relaxation corner, spread out this oversized sleeper chair to a sitting position (armchair mode). The structure is easy to fold and unfold; the mechanisms are sufficient qualitative and serve for many years.

Comfortable Mainstays Faux-Fur Saucer Chair

Best Price

Comfortable Mainstays Faux-Fur Saucer Chair

  • Cheap solution with simple and convenient design

Material: Alloy steel frame, faux-fur polyester cushion
Collapsible: Yes
Color: Black
Weight: 20 pounds
Dimensions: 30 x 28 x 29 inches


This spacious folding oversized moon chair from the Mainstay brand will fit any room of your flat or house. Pleasant to touch black polyester cushion beckons to sit down and relax in this chair. The robust alloy steel frame is capable of supporting up to 225 pounds of weight. The convenient folding design makes this chair as compact as possible (when not in use). So, there will be no troubles while keeping it in a pantry or even a closet. The observed black oversized chair has a dark upholstery, ready to fit any interior. The classic design makes it one of the most popular oversized cushioned solutions.

You may place this oversized round chair in your teenager’s playing room or living room. In both cases, this furniture will be deservedly appreciated by the household. Taking care of the upholstery of this oversized moon chair is incredibly simple and enjoyable. Faux-fur polyester material practically does not get dirty. All you need is to clean it with a clean, damp cloth. The offered oversized circle chair is lightweight, but despite this, ensures absolute safety in the process of resting on it. A good solution for home recreation, reading books, communicating with loved ones, napping.

Guide to Buying the Best Oversized Chairs

best oversized chairs

A chair may be called an oversized one if its seat size exceeds the standard dimensions. Most often, these are furniture solutions for 2 persons. It is very convenient to sit in the oversized chairs for living room with a child or your loved one.

What is an oversized chair called?

Such an oversized cozy chair has a more spacious seat than a standard one. It can also be folded out, allowing people to rest on it in a comfy reclining position. Relaxation is much easier to achieve in this way, all the muscle groups are resting, and you feel absolute comfort. Another oversized living room chair feature is its ergonomic design. They are designed in such a way as to ensure the correct head and legs position during rest. Today different chair models can be marked as oversized. These can be both ordinary chairs equipped with a more spacious seat and furniture that can be folded out and thus become more spacious and roomy.

Which oversized chair is the most comfortable?

Assess the comfort degree of each oversized chair for bedroom or any other room strictly on an individual basis. What is suitable for one buyer will be unacceptable for another. We dared to express our opinion on the best product in this category, as, during testing, we got acquainted with lots of chair variations, including oversized outdoor chair models. We believe that the Christopher Knight Home Halima 2-Seater Recliner can be definitely called worthy of purchase and daily use. Everything is good in it – price, appearance, materials’ quality. The chair is light in weight with spacious seating for two persons. You won’t be bothered to move it from place to place. It also has a simple folding and unfolding mechanism. Another obvious benefit is the practical coloring of the stylish shade. It does not get dirty and is in harmony with any interior style.

How big is an oversized chair?

Every modern oversized patio chair features its own technical parameters, including the type of upholstery, color, weight, and size. The last parameter depends on the concrete manufacturer and model observed. If we talk about most of these chairs’ average size, it is often 35 x 35 x 45 inches. If we talk about the chairs from our review, then the smallest has the following dimensions – 28.7 x 32 x 36 inches. And the largest size is 74 x 37 x 17 inches.


In any case, the size of the chair is a purely individual parameter. It depends on the shape of the furniture. Having read our review, you have probably realized that the shape of the oversized chair can be classic, round (for example, Big Bag or Bean, papasan solutions), changeable (multifunctional 1-in-2 or other furniture devices). The size of the chair should be specified in advance, evaluating the room and the specific place in which you plan to place it.

The vast majority of the oversized chairs are large and spacious enough to accommodate one or more persons. The furniture products can be marked as oversized in case if their dimensions exceed the dimensions of standard chairs. As a result, it is possible to get not an ordinary armchair, but a kind of sofa or lounge solution, perfect for a measured, unhurried home rest next to loved ones.

Where to buy oversized recliners?

Purchasing the oversized chair for living room or any other area of your home can be done both online and offline. If you have sufficient experience in remote shopping, you should not be afraid of such serious purchases as oversized chairs and a half. Even if the seller accidentally sends you the wrong model or product with defects, he is always ready to correct the mistake. Today, every seller is concerned about his reputation, so he is ready to do everything to satisfy the buyers. However, some buyers want to see the oversized accent chair in reality, touch the material of its upholstery, and evaluate the folding and unfolding mechanism’s efficiency. Of course, in this case, it is better to buy modern oversized chair solutions in ordinary furniture stores in your city. Oversized chairs serve as comfortable and cozy upholstered units. They are increasingly met in modern apartments and houses, becoming truly irreplaceable attributes of any style interiors (both classic and modern).

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