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papasan chair frame


Currently, the furniture market offers a large range of different types of chairs so that everyone can find a model for their taste. The most popular is the papasan chair, which was invented more than 50 years ago. The product received its unusual name in honor of the first manufacturer. Even if you’ve never heard the word “papasan”, then you probably know papasan by appearance. This is a large round chair. Papasan chair frame reminds a cozy nest. This article will help to discover the popular frame types for expensive and cheap papasan chair.

Reviews for the Papasan Chair Frame

The papasan chair has several popular names — for example, the moon chair and the bowl chair. Its history begins in Southeast Asia. A real Filipino chair is made of woven rattan wood. Papasan has a round or semi-circular shape and can safely withstand the weight of even a very large adult because papasan base is really strong.


Now there are many other lightweight and reliable materials used to create the papasan frames. The main difference remains the design of the round seat, contrasting with the classic rectangular chairs on four legs. Despite the fact that once the papasan chair was considered exotic, it quickly caught on. Now papasan is a real design legend. Anyone who has ever sat in a papasan chair knows how important the right pillow is. Since the size and style of the pillow can be changed, the chair is versatile and can be used by almost everyone. The fact that people often fall asleep in these chairs says much more about it than the designers’ praise. The design of this chair is very convenient for everyone, especially for people suffering from low back pain.


Thanks to the possibility of changing the pillow, papasan will fit into the design of any modern apartment. Russians find this chair very practical (it is easy to clean and move for cleaning the room) and budget.

Compared with chairs from the 70s, modern papasan has some advantages. For example, the seat can lean forward to make it easier to get up from the chair. By the way, this function is very appreciated by older people. Also, the papasan frame is resistant, which is really good.


Furniture made of natural materials never goes out of fashion, it is perfectly combined with various styles in the interior and landscape design.

How much weight can a Papasan Chair frame hold?

The chair is made of natural rattan, and it is known that it does not fade in the sun, is not subject to rot, and is not afraid of changing weather. Thanks to the manual Assembly, each papasan chair is unique. The papasan chair can withstand a load of up to 120 kg, while the chair’s weight is only 18 kg. Why is it so strong? Because the papasan chair frame is made of high-quality materials with great attention to the details. The original papasan chair consists of two main elements: a frame and a pillow. Papasan frame is a construction in the shape of a hemisphere, made of a special material-rattan, which is extracted from the rattan palm growing in the southern regions of Asia. 

papasan frame

This type of wood is characterized by high strength and flexibility, which makes it possible to manufacture curved structures. The hemisphere is mounted on a special spring-loaded footboard, also made of rattan.

Choose Papasan Chair Frame:

How do they make a Papasan chair frame?

Production of the papasan chair frame does not require much effort and time. First, they take 2 round pieces of plywood. One circle is bigger and the other is smaller. Next, manufacturers remove the middle of the round wooden blanks using a milling saw. However, they do not cut the edges. After they fix each part to the saw and remove a portion from the middle of each part large enough to leave a hollow circle with edges of about 8 centimeters. After they cut the lengths of dowels to serve as support structures for the base, they make six 50 cm lengths using a spiral saw. Then they attach the dowels to a smaller wooden circle.


Next, they use glue to attach the dowels to the outside of the piece, evenly distributing them around the circle. Then they strengthen the joint with screws, driving them through the dowels on the outside into the plywood. After they need to place a large wooden circle inside the cylinder formed by the dowels, it is attached in place at the ends of the dowels, just as they attached the first circle inside the dowels at the other end. Using a sanding disc, they smooth and form a frame. Then they round the corners of the wooden circles. As you can see from the instructions, manufacturers pay attention even to the small details. This is why the papasan chair base is really strong.

Are Papasan chairs comfortable?

The design of the frame for the chair and its ergonomics, of course, affect the comfort of the chair. It depends on the frame whether the product will be really convenient to use.


According to numerous reviews, the chair is incredibly comfortable and cozy. Any person who sits in this chair will be amazed and able to enjoy a full rest. Indeed, all owners of such furniture note that you can relax or even sleep sitting in it. The pillow, which is placed on top of the frame, can be made of various textile materials. They are soft, which makes your stay in the chair as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. And you don’t need to be afraid that it might break, because papasan chair frame is really strong.

How much is a Papasan chair frame?

Papasan Chair base

Also, the papasan chair frame is affordable. So, prices on average start from approximately $30-50. This cost is excellent for such a universal furniture base. Papasan frames are totally worth the money. And this price will not hit your family budget.


Also, many customers are wondering: how to take care of the chair? Care for such furniture is very simple — it is not recommended to allow long-term wetting of rattan furniture. You can leave it in the rain, but then you will need to dry it. To do this, it is enough to move the furniture to a dry, ventilated room, where it will dry naturally. It is necessary to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as the papasan base and lacquer coating may crack or burn out. Furniture should not be placed close to open fire sources or heating devices. It is not recommended standing on it with your feet if this is not provided by the design, swing and jump. You should also avoid contact with furniture cleaning products, such as solvents, acetone, as well as fuels and lubricants and paints. If you find scratches on the furniture, you can easily get rid of them by wiping the place of damage with a napkin moistened with polyurethane varnish.


The next question that concerns сustomers is whether the chair can withstand such a large weight. Yes, indeed. Even the most delicate and elegant papasan chair can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg. Thanks to the double papasan frame. The Indigenous population of Southeast Asia used rattan to build bridges! The durability of the furniture ensures a minimum number of joints in the structure. The seams are secured with pins made of plastic, wood or metal, or are tightened with strips of leather. The most high-quality models have only one joint. When buying furniture, it is important to ensure its integrity and accuracy of processing. That is why the double papasan frame is the best choice.


So, let’s sum up. The main features of papasan chairs are a high level of comfort, practicality, and laconic design. The product design includes two elements only:


1.Papasan chair frame. The papasan chair base has a rounded configuration, made of rattan or artificial materials. As an additional element, a spring block is used.

2. Soft seat. In appearance, it resembles a large pillow that is placed on a vertical frame. The product is convenient to use, provides a comfortable stay. The seat cover is made of fabric with different textures, colors, and prints.


Papasan chair does not have sharp corners, so it can be installed in any room, regardless of the purpose. Most often, the model can be found in the living room, children’s room, and bedroom. The advantages of furniture include:


• Strength and durability. The round papasan frames and seats can withstand high loads and retain their original shape well. Models with a metal frame are designed for high weight and have a longer service life. As we have already mentioned, double papasan frame is a miracle.

• Elasticity. Thanks to well-chosen materials, the chair can take the most unusual forms.

• Lightweight. Unlike classic wooden chairs, rattan models are much lighter, which makes it easy to move them from place to place. This property made it possible to create suspended products.

• Simple care. Structures that consist of natural materials need to be updated over time. Rattan must be cleaned of dust, and wet cleaning is acceptable.


This feature allows you to find a suitable chair easily that will match the interior of the room.

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