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papasan cushion cover


Papasan chairs are a fairly popular attribute of apartments, cottages and offices today. They gained such great popularity due to their versatility. Such furniture fits perfectly into any interior: from classic to modern varieties of high-tech. Correct choose of the papasan cushion may help to refresh your furniture and create new interior design.


Also, such chairs are very comfortable and often serve as sofas. Indeed, due to its size, they allow a person to climb upside down after a hard-working day, take cover with a blanket and enjoy his favorite movie or book. A person feels hard-working and can completely relax in such a chair. This furniture is made of environmentally friendly materials that are delivered from Eastern countries. The rattan from which the chair’s body is made is very strong and can withstand up to 100 kilograms.

Reviews for The Best Papasan Cushion Cover

It is also worth paying special attention to pillows for papasan armchairs. After all, these attributes are directly responsible for the degree of comfort. This indicator is affected by both the filler and the padding. But over time, these two materials begin to wear out: the filler loses its elasticity and begins to stray into large lumps, and the upholstery gets dirty and tears. If the first thing is impossible to fix on your own, then you can still influence the condition of the papasan cushion cover. And the most common way to extend the pillow’s life is to buy or sew a papasan chair cover.

How do you cover a Papasan cushion?

The easiest way to protect the pillow from the negative effects of the environment is to use the papasan chair cushion cover. Such a decision will be very useful in homes where pets, small children live, and also if your armchair stands at the open veranda (constant access to fresh air).


Such papasan cushion cover can be bought in online stores but also can be sewn to order. The main thing is to correctly measure the dimensions of the pillow so that you do not have to redo the product later. Such papasan chair covers are sewn of different materials. They can be leather, velour, suede and so on. Also, some companies are engaged in the manufacture of papasan chair cushion cover from special materials. 

papasan chair cover

These fabrics are not afraid of moisture, fire, are easily cleaned of strong impurities, and are also resistant to cat’s claws (anti-claw). Such papasan chair covers are slightly more expensive than the previous ones, but they will look much more aesthetic and will retain their attractive appearance for longer. If you want to save money, you can just cover the cushion with a regular blanket.

Choose Papasan Cushion Cover:

How much is a Papasan cushion?

The cost of a cushion directly depends on several factors – size, internal content, papasan cover.


So, if you choose a pillow of a standard size (diameter is 130 centimeters), the papasan cushion cover is 100% cotton, and the filler is holofiber. Such a product will cost you about $50. Well, if you want to buy a cushion with a softer coating that will not succumb to the claws of pets, then its cost will start at $ 75 and above.


Also, do not forget about the large armchairs, which are called mamasan. Special enlarged pillows are made for them. Their cost will be slightly higher due to the additional cost of materials for their manufacture. As for the cover, we note that a double papasan cushion cover is required.


Here are some examples of the cost of papasan cushions from different manufacturers:


1. Blazing Needles Solid Twill Swivel Rocker Chair Cushion – its size is 120×60 centimeters. It is designed for a classic papasan chair. The upholstery is made of inexpensive material. That is why the final price is 44 dollars only. You need a regular papasan cover for it.


2. Blazing Needles Solid Twill Double papasan Chair Cushion is another cushion from this manufacturer. Its size is 120×160. That is, this product is intended for a double chair mamasan. The coating material is polyester. For such a pillow, you have to pay a little more than $ 80. Given the large size of the cushion, you will need a double papasan cushion cover.


3. Blazing Needles Solid Microsuede Double papasan Chair Cushion is a more expensive double papasan pillow. The size of this product is identical to the previous one. The difference is in coverage. Here, ordinary polyester is replaced with microfiber. This fabric is more resistant to pollution and also retains its attractive appearance longer even under the influence of such negative factors as moisture, sun, temperature changes and so on. The cost of such a product is about $ 100.


4. Blazing Needles Patterned Outdoor Spun Polyester papasan Cushion – a pillow for a standard round papasan chair, with a diameter of 110 centimeters. At first glance, it is no different from the usual, but its price is $ 80. It’s all about the unique fabric. It consists of twisted polyester – a special material that has moisture repellent qualities, as well as increased resistance to negative external factors.


5. COTTON CRAFT Papasan Chair Cushion. A budget option for pillows for a papasan chair. They are made of regular cotton. Such a fabric is very pleasant to the body but quickly loses its original appearance. That is why it has such a small cost – only $ 15. It is worth noting that the papasan chair cover for such a product will also not be expensive.


6. Blazing Needles Patterned Jacquard Chenille Swivel Rocker Chair Cushion. Another budget pillow for a papasan chair, made in the classical style. Its diameter is 60×120 centimeters. The pillow is covered with ordinary cotton cloth, the coloring of which can be chosen independently. The price of such a pillow is 50 dollars. As for the papasan cushion cover, you will find a wide variety of this model. There is an opportunity to choose among a huge variety of textures, colors and shades.


7. CRAFT Papasan Charcoal – Overstuffed Chair Cushion, Thick, Comfortable and Oversized Papasan. This is a premium cushion. The thing is its coating, which is made of natural silk. The diameter of the pillow is 115 centimeters. The price for such a product starts at $ 100.


Please note that if you plan to use a chair in the courtyard or open veranda, you will need the outdoor papasan cushion cover. The fabric used to sew the outdoor papasan cushion cover is more resistant to the effects of the sun, temperature, dust. Thanks to this, the cover will look beautiful longer.

Can you drye a Papasan cushion?

Many people tend to change the decision made the day before. This often applies to shopping. So, the t-shirt you bought yesterday can sharply lose your liking today. The same goes for papasan chair cover. You can dislike this product, like any other thing. What to do in this case? Throw away the old and buy a new one? But it is a very expensive pleasure. To give a pillow in the atelier, so that it can be changed there? This procedure takes a lot of time and also not cheap.


There is another way – to repaint the papasan chair cushion cover. There is a certain procedure for this, which should be strictly adhered to. After all, if something goes wrong, then you will lose an item. In this case, your papasan cushion cover can simply be thrown away.


So, papasan chair cover coloring takes place in several stages:


• It is necessary to remove the cover from the pillow and put it on a flat surface.
• You should put the cardboard inside the papasan chair cushion cover. It will retain the shape of the cover while the paint dries.
• Next, apply the stencil. You can buy it in a store or print it yourself on thick paper. People who regularly perform this procedure advise using aerosol glue. This is such a substance that provides fixation of the subject for literally several hours. After that, the action is terminated.
• Apply paint. It is necessary to paint in a circle at a fairly large distance from the surface of the papasan chair cover. It is very important to maintain the same distance because it directly affects the color intensity. So, for a more expressive picture, the balloon should be kept at a distance of no more than 5 centimeters from the surface of the fabric.
• Paint should be applied in several layers. For the drawing to please you as long as possible, it is necessary to apply at least 3 layers of paint. It is necessary to pause for about 10-15 minutes between the applications. Then the lower layer dries up and the upper one lays down as correctly as possible.
• 10 minutes after application, carefully remove the stencil and leave the papasan cushion cover on a flat surface for 30-40 minutes.
• The final touch in this process will be ironing.


After drying complete, it is necessary to iron through a thin cloth the resulting pattern for 4 minutes.
People who regularly practice such manipulations with textiles, advise using several stencils at once. So, you can create unique, individual drawings. You can also create embossed lines for beauty. To do this, you will need a special tool – a liner.

How do you measure a Papasan chair for a new cushion?

papasan chair cushion cover

In order to choose a pillow for a papasan chair, there are a number of criteria that everyone should consider.
The first thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the pillow. But this indicator is determined by the chair for which the papasan pillow is bought. The only indicator that a person can change is the thickness of the pillow: the larger it is, the more comfortable the user will feel.


The second indicator is the filler. Papasan armchairs almost always use synthetic fillers. These include:


• The synthetic filler is a very cheap material which does not differ in a high level of comfort;
• Gel is a product that perfectly passes air and does not accumulate dust. Pillows with this filling are great for people who suffer from allergies;
• Holofiber – these are silicone balls, which also provide a good level of comfort;
• Foam is the most expensive type of filler. It is used in the manufacture of orthopedic pillows and mattresses.


Papasan chair cover material is also a very important indicator. First of all, it greatly affects the level of user comfort. If the material is tough, it will be unpleasant for the skin and a person will not be able to relax in this chair fully.


Also, the material should be hypoallergenic. It is best if natural fabrics are used in sewing. So, flax and cotton are considered very good. Besides, they perfectly keep their shape and do not allow the filler to stray in one place.

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