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Papasan Cushion


The word “Papasan” that is unfamiliar to many people means comfortable furniture known for its multiple advantages. Having such an interior element in the house is a dream for active and appreciating comfort people. The papasan chair is a great modern way to relax anytime and anywhere. Do you agree? Let’s look in detail what this product is and what it’s main part – the cushion is.

Our Best Choice Papasan Cushion

The best papasan cushion in our experts’ opinion


Material: Solid microsuede Papasan chair: Not included Color: Indigo Weight: 9 pounds Dimensions: 48 x 6 x 48 inches

The material of this product is super strong – it will not fade even under the sun. Consequently, such cushions will always look excellent. Blue, orange, green, grey, brown and other shades are among the available colors. This cushion can be purchased not only for yourself but also as a gift.


Modern furniture manufacturers produce various models for any taste. Original products are popular, comfortable, practical and aesthetically attractive. The bright example of such a design is the papasan chair, a stylish solution with many advantages.


The papasan chair is one of the most comfortable chairs you can ever find on the today’s market. The well-stuffed and wide cushion will be a cradle for you. Since the chair has a deep seat, you can even put a baby in it. What’s more, papasan chair cushion will look good in almost any room, adding a touch of architectural miracle to the living room or any other place in your home. These are lovely chairs that provide a surprisingly cozy place to read, watch TV, and relax, especially after a long working day. Papasan has a circular shape, without complex weaving. As a rule, the kit includes a soft cushion, which provides almost 100% chair functionality. Papasan cushion is filled with polyurethane foam crumb and hollow fiber. If the cushion becomes flat, it can be whipped and then it will obtain lush again. Such interior items will taste to highly appreciating home comfort people. The cushion is the main element of such a chair. It is soft, comfortable, giving unique comfort.


The stylish papasan chairs with a round seat shape that narrows to the center and is installed on an elegant base, are associated with home cosines. They look best on open spaces, or places with panoramic glazing (terraces, loggia). Besides, these papasan chairs cushion are cheap and have a rotation mechanism that allows you to change the view in a matter of seconds. After all, on sunny days, it is desirable to sit face to the window, and in bad weather – to turn to the home environment. The variety of seat color options will allow you to choose the appropriate option for almost any interior.


Soft papasan cushions are designed not only for resting from the city bustle. Such furniture will also be good for older people who need to relax in the afternoon. Some experts note that papasan cushions are suitable for little children, especially if they have problems with sleeping. Young moms note that this element of furniture is good for them when they feed babies and put them to bed. So, this cushioned furniture element is a hit for all the times and ages.


Currently, there are quite a large number of papasan chair designs and cushions on sale. So you can easily find the necessary textile for your home. The choice of cushion will depend on the concrete design of the furniture or other fashion trends in interior decoration.

Best Choice of 2024 Top Papasan Cushions

Let us introduce you the best papasan cushions

Burgundy Papasan Cushion

Best Convenient

Blazing Needles Twill Cushion for Papasan Chair

  • Cushion from solid twill - quality and comfort

Material: Solid twill
Papasan frame: Not included
Color: Sage
Weight: 14 pounds
Dimensions: 52 х 6 х 52 inches


This product is suitable for any papasan chairs. Such a cushion is multipurpose. It can decorate any interior, as it is made in classic quilted style and has a wide colors range. Soft twill fabric is considered resistant and resilient, that’s why using such a pillow is as safe and comfortable as it’s possible. This product is in demand among many connoisseurs of beauty and comfort.

Decor your house with the cushion of the needed color. This interior item will transform boring design immediately. The solid twill material is a long and comfort cushion exploitation guarantee.

Blazing Needles Indigo cushion

Our Top Pick

Blazing Needles Microsuede Pillow for Papasan Chair

  • Stylish and cosy cushion

Material: Solid microsuede
Papasan frame: Not included
Color: Indigo
Weight: 9 pounds
Dimensions: 48 x 6 x 48 inches


The Blazing Needles Solid Microsuede Papasan chair cushion features a small size and is very comfortable. It is quilted with buttons wrapped in fabric color. The product features softness and the ability to keep its shape well. This model has several colors of fabric for any taste. But, as a rule, the cushion has a one-ton color. You can easily modernize your old chair with this cushioned item.

This is a massive, voluminous cushion, usually used as a seat. Its large size is ideal for a cozy and comfortable place creating. The cover material is quite dense and durable, and therefore the fabric will retain its brightness and integrity for a long time. Attractive shades and reliability, structural stability – these are the benefits of the presented model. It will easily become your favorite vacation spot.

Charcoal Cotton Craft Pillow

Best Durable

Cotton Craft Cushion for Papasan Round Chair

  • Fine cushion for relaxing or napping

Material: Soft 100% cotton
Papasan frame: Not included
Color: Charcoal
Weight: 11,95 pounds
Dimensions: 38.5 x 14.7 x 14.6 inches


The color of the cushion is ideal not only for boys bedrooms or loft-style interior but also for a dorm room. This material can also be used on street furniture items. It is tough enough. Over time, the surface of the cushion will be more smooth and soft. After 5 minutes of relaxing, you forget that the cushion has a coarse texture. According to customer feedback, this product is easy to wash (using the wet cloth).

The fabric’s quality exceeds all the customers’ expectations. In winter, it is warm to sit on such a cushion, and in summer, it is not hot. At the same time, being placed in the kitchen, the material will not absorb unpleasant food smells. Such a cushion is a perfect resting place for any person.

Cotton Craft Overstuffed Round Papasan Cushion

Best Original

Cotton Craft Overstuffed Round Papasan Cushion

  • High-quality cotton material, original coloring

Material: 100% cotton duck fabric
Papasan frame: Not included
Color: Chocolate Multi
Weight: 13.25 pounds
Dimensions: 39 x 13 x 13 inches


This cushion features a modern Indian style. An unusual fabric drawing can decorate any interior. A filler of such a cushion is 100% polyester. It allows the product to keep its shape for a long time. This model has six types of colors that are unique and refined in their own way. The cushion is moderately bulky.

Children will surely like such a soft product. Due to their small stature, kids may sit on it with maximum comfort. Adults can also relax on such a cushion (sitting or semi-lying position).

Blazing Needles Patterned Outdoor Spun Polyester Papasan Cushion

Best Stylish

Blazing Needles Patterned Outdoor Spun Polyester Papasan Cushion

  • Stylish and cosy unit for your home

Material: Polyester
Papasan frame: Not included
Color: Farrington Terrace Grenadine
Weight: 14 pounds
Dimensions: 48 x 6 x 48 inches


Speaking about the color, such product will fit for male or elderly interiors. The external appearance design resembles a carpet. The fabric will not lose color or rub ene over time. Such colors don’t get dirty. As a rule, this is a nice solution for families with pets. The item’s size corresponds to the declared one. This model has high strength and is resistant to fading, rotting, and scratching, which provides a long operational life. The lush soft papasan solution provides the person with full qualitative rest. Therefore, it allows finding an optimal healthy position for the back. Those who once sat on such a cushion will hardly be able to resist the temptation to get a pleasurable relaxation feeling again.

According to customers’ opinions, the fabric does not lose color even if the product is used for a long time. Therefore, if you need an optimal papasan cushion suitable almost for any model of round papasan chair, by color range, practicality, and appearance, this model is what you were looking for.

Classic Accessories Montlake Water-Resistant 50 Inch Papasan Cushion

Best for Meditation

Classic Accessories Montlake Water-Resistant 50 Inch Papasan Cushion

  • Comfortable floor pad for relax and meditations

Material: FadeSafe Fabrics
Papasan frame: Not included
Color: Heather Henna
Weight: 13.32 pounds
Dimensions: 52 x 4 x 52 inches


The externally attractive meditation cushion is widely known in the yoga accessory market as the most popular model. Such products are actively used for meditation and support of complex asanas. The fabric of such a papasan cushion provides rapid moisture removal.


The cushion material is not easily soiled. The specific hygienic filler determines the unconditional usage comfort. With the help of such simple but very useful accessory, your meditation classes will become more comfortable and efficient!

OSP Designs Papasan Chair with 360 degree Swivel

Best for Teens

OSP Designs Papasan Chair with 360 degree Swivel

  • Lift up your mood and decorate the interior

Material: Textile, Metal frame
Papasan frame: Yes
Color: Purple Cushion and Grey Frame
Weight: 11 pounds
Dimensions: 38 x 36.5 x 31.5 inches


Have a look at this catching eye stylish teens papasan cushion with a frame from the OSP Designs brand. It attracts with astonishingly fashionable appearance, cute purple colored cushion, and evident convenience. This is a swivel-type construction, so you may rotate while having a rest in it. The frame is made of metal and is added with grey resin wicker. It imitates the natural wicker technology and creates a rich, solid appearance. Though the product is positioned as teens’ furniture, it may easily withstand serious loads (up to 200 lbs.).


So, the offered papasan cushion will be perfect for adult users as well. It is made of dense textile, durable and pleasant to touch. Its purple color lifts up your mood and perfectly decorates any interior. This cushion is quite bulky and soft while providing good support for the whole body when you are sitting on it. The product is unpretentious in care – any dirt can be easily cleaned from its surface with a damp cloth. This solution will look perfect in any house or apartment.

Better Homes & Gardens Papasan Chair with Fabric Cushion (Navy)

Best Spacious

Better Homes & Gardens Papasan Chair with Fabric Cushion (Navy)

  • Perfect color, best materials

Material: Polyester, Metal frame
Papasan frame: Yes
Color: Navy
Weight: 24 pounds
Dimensions: 44.9 x 44.9 x 33.5 inches


Estimate this wonderful papasan cushion and frame from the Better Homes brand. Its rich, luxury-looking navy cushion makes a lasting impression. This sophisticated furniture solution will suit any interior, with classic notes, in minimalist mood, and even high-tech style. The sturdy metal frame acts as a solid base. To give the frame a special, stylish mood, the manufacturer has supplemented it with original artificial wicker elements. This small detail makes the frame look genuinely luxurious.


A soft, voluminous polyester cushion is an excellent frame’s addition. Despite 100% artificial fibers, the material is quite pleasant to the touch, does not slip, and can be easily cleaned of dust and any other contaminants. The offered furniture solution from the Better Homes is designed for both teenagers and adults. The reviewed chair will perfectly fit into the interior of a playroom, living room, nursery, balcony, or terrace.

International Caravan Furniture Piece 42 Inch Rattan Papasan Chair with Solid Twill Cushion

Best Soft

International Caravan Furniture Piece 42 Inch Rattan Papasan Chair with Solid Twill Cushion

  • Bright, memorable design

Material: Rattan, Twill, Polyester
Papasan frame: Yes
Color: Bery Berry
Weight: 29 pounds
Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 35 inches


You will be definitely fascinated by this Berry Berry colored cushion – so cute and cozy at the same time. Fixed reliably on the strong wooden frame, it appears to be an excellent place for rest. The presented cushion is made of dense twill fabric. Its bright coloring attracts from the first sight and refreshes any interior. The International Caravan brand offers extremely comfortable and soft cushion for your household – adults, and children. The polyester fabric is durable and soft enough. The cushion is fixed on the wooden frame and appears to be the most convenient and safe place for napping, playing games, talking with your nearest and dearest.


This furniture solution is large and ready to provide you a convenient, cozy, and spacious seat. The thick and soft cushion is absolutely safe for spine health – it provides reliable support and guarantees ideal muscle relaxation. The combination of frame and cushion creates an impeccably comfortable and stylish soft round chair. Its bright, eye-catching color can become a highlight of your interior.

Milliard Papasan Chair with 360 degree Swivel Tan Cushion and Wood Color Frame

Best Ergonomic

Milliard Papasan Chair with 360-degree Swivel, Tan Cushion and Wood Color Frame

  • The most practical coloring

Material: Polyester, Steel frame
Papasan frame: Yes
Color: Brown
Weight: 32 pounds
Dimensions: 37.5 x 26 x 17 inches


Meet the one more convenient, stylish, and attractive-looking cushion from the Milliard brand. The sizeable soft cushion is made of solid and durable light brown polyester material. The synthetic fibers base is water-resistant so that it may be exploited both inside and outside the house. The comfortable soft cushion is fixed on the strong metal frame (rounded shape). It is incredibly hardy and robust and therefore, can easily withstand any adult (copes with weight up to 265 pounds). Any customer will highly appreciate the swivel-type construction.


A large, spacious solution is the perfect place to relax outdoors or inside your favorite living room. An outstanding furniture item in light brown tones will harmoniously fit your interior, make it more functional and stylish. Several sturdy textile straps are responsible for keeping the cushion fixed to the chair frame tightly. That is why you do not have to worry about the comfort and safety of a person resting on it. Enjoy this extra-large and comfortable cushion and delight your family!

Guide to Buying the Best Papasan Cushion

papasan chair cushion

The cushion plays a huge role in the convenience of any papasan chair. This item is responsible for up to 90% of the furniture’s functionality, as it constantly contacts with the user’s body.

What are the Papasan Cushions?

Papasan cushion, which is stacked on top of the frame, can be made of various textile materials. It is soft, which makes staying in the chair as comfortable and pleasant as possible. In the wide range of manufacturers and their products, one may distinguish three types of cushion fabric: gunny with linseed thread, twill, and cotton sheeting. Gunny is the material increasing the product’s resistance; twill and cotton sheeting are excellent for reducing the cost of cushioned elements, as they are one of the most inexpensive fabrics and consist of 100% natural material – cotton.


Hollow fiber, powder or polyurethane foam crumb are used to fill the papasan cushion. It happens that chenille, flock, velour, jacquard, artificial suede are sewed on the cushion covers. The polyester cover will be an optimal decision for chairs that will be used inside. If the fabric allows the cover can be removed for washing (the filler is inside and will not be damaged).


It is worth noting that papasan cushions are very different; their quality largely depends on the materials used for  sewing. For example, papasan cushion has 2 components – filler and upholstery fabric. Most manufacturers use cheap filler consisting of pieces of torn powder, and bright synthetic fabrics for upholstery. Only 100% dacron should be used as a filler – it is a soft and resilient material, often applied for filling puffs, mattresses, pillows. Dacron does not absorb tobacco smoke and other bad smells. The excess moisture evaporates from it easily. Also, the material is resistant to mold and does not rot. Dacron does not collapse; besides it is completely safe for allergies, as it is not toxic.


The modern furniture manufacturers recommend to use chenille as an upholstery material for papasan cushion. This is a natural, strong and wear-resistant material.


The colors of papasan cushion fabric should be saturated but soft. Some manufacturers choose polyurethane foam crumb and fiberteck as the pad filler. Such products have increased comfort and durability: they take the shape of a body easily and allow relaxing completely. When papasan cushion sags, it can be whipped and become lush, soft and comfortable again. Modern manufacturers offer original designs, impressive dimensions, high-quality materials, which make this piece of furniture elite.


The cushions are sold both separately and in conjunction with accessories. Papasan cushion is the most demanded upholstered solution. At the same time, it can be designed both for sitting and lying on it. As additional accessories, many manufacturers offer special straps. Use them and make it possible to attach the papasan cushion to the rattan base securely. It is also convenient to use wide stickers tightly sewn to the cushion for fastening.


Soft papasan cushions require periodic cleaning. They can be wiped or dry-cleaned. The subsequent usage is possible only after complete drying.


If you want to use the papasan chair cushions at your country house, be carefull to choose the correct material (so that it does not get spoiled by weather conditions quickly and always saved attractive look). Nowadays people are ready to buy papasan chairs and cushions for any money. Every person wants to rest from the city fuss and feel real home comfort. So chairs, with its soft papasan cushions, are the most comfortable pieces of furniture.

Where to Buy a Papasan Cushion?

Papasan cushion is an indispensable element in the full operation of your favorite chair. No matter what type of fabric it has, sooner or later it wears out, loses color saturation, and gets dirty. When papasan cushion comes into disrepair then you “lose” your favorite chair. You can purchase a new papasan cushion via Internet and its marketing resources. Spend several hours and find an attractive papasan chair cushion (cheap and cozy). Purchasing a papasan chair cushion cheap solution, you may easily acquire a new life for your favorite chair.


If you need a cushion for papasan’s chair, contact the managers of the chosen store. They will surely advise you on any item submitted. As a rule, customers prefer such types of fabrics to make papasan chair cushions as: gunny (tougher and more resilient fabric) and cotton sheeting (soft, pleasant to touch fabric, suitable for home use). The papasan cushion implies the following:


  • Lush and dense filler ball sintepuch, that does not lose shape and volume over time;
  • Wide range of colors (one may meet beige, sand, brown, green, even white papasan cushions);
  • Durable wear-resistant upholstery fabric;
  • Excellent premium quality – perfect seams and shape, as well as the arrangement of braces;
  • Strong ties, which will not break up and will not fly off;
  • Environmentally friendly materials only and filler meeting the highest quality standards;
  • Personal quality control of each papasan cushion.


If you want to buy papasan cushion, you can order it via Internet. Nowadays there are lots of huge shopping web-centers with a wide selection of different goods for any taste and color. You can enjoy shopping without leaving your home or office and find the concrete papasan cushion type you are interested in (the right color, size, shape).

How to Set a Papasan Cushion?

Papasan cushions may ofthen lose their original appearance, while the frame looks like a new one. In this case, you can buy one more chair cushion and install it on the existing frame. Many people wonder how to install papasan cushion on the chair’s frame. Someone uses the specialists’ help, and others try to carry out this work independently.


The papasan cushion fastener depends on the seat model. The adhesive is the easiest way to fix the papasan cushion to the framework using adhesive stitches to the edges of the unit. Belt is one of the reliable fixating methods, when the papasan cushion is attached to the frame in a most reliable way.


Therefore, it will not be difficult to attach the cushion to the frame of the unit independently. For this purpose, it is necessary to put the papasan cushion on the seat of the chair and attach it with special straps or stickers sold in the kit. But if you buy a product in order to do tea ceremonies on the floor or to organize meditation and yoga, you don’t need to fix anything. It is enough only to take care of the cushion – to clean it from dust and dirt regularly.

What size Papasan Cushion do i Need?

Before buying the concrete papasan cushion, be sure to find out the size of the product you need. It is very important to determine the correct dimensions. In its appearance, the chair resembles a large papasan pillow, which is placed on a frame. The product is convenient in operation, provides comfortable rest. The seat cover is made of fabric with various textures, colors, and prints. Such a feature allows you to easily select a suitable chair that will correspond to the room interior.


Papasan cushion is often very soft and easy to use. It can be made of textiles of different texture, color, and pattern, which allows selecting the current version for the room finishing. Soft papasan cushions create extra warmth and comfort when using chairs. Usually the cushion follows the shape of the papasan chair base, it is comfortable and ergonomic. A person sitting in a papasan does not strain any group of muscles; the load is evenly distributed to all groups of muscles thanks to the shape of the chair. This is exactly the basic condition that is so necessary for deep relaxation and full rest.


Because of its large size, the chair became very popular. Anyone who has sat on cheap papasan cushion once knows the importance of the right cushion choosing. The fact that people often fall asleep on papasan cushions confirms that chairs are comfortable, reliable and safe – they do not have sharp corners, are made of natural materials (rattan, wooden, metal or polyester base). So you can install papasans chairs in any room.


The design of such a chair is very convenient for everybody, especially for people suffering from lumbar pain. Relaxation properties are provided by papasan cushion featuring the following parameters:


  • Width ranges from 85 to 125 cm. The most common value for classical models is 110 cm.
  • An average depth is in the range from 80 to 100 cm. The most convenient option is the depth – 95 cm,
  • The back height does not exceed 110 cm.


The size of the papasan cushion primarily depends on the chair dimensions (for which you are buying it). On sale you can find the usual single cushions and double solutions. Choose the preferable unit and make your interior more stylish and convenient as well. Also, if you want to go to the forest and sit on a sunny day on the grass, this product can be useful for you. Now you don’t need to carry folding chairs with you or build a bench of logs. It will be enough for you to pull the cushion out of the car and place it on the ground. If you want to enjoy the product for a long time and save its cleanliness, buy a special case or bag for it. It is more comfortable to wash it than a cushion.


The papasan chair is one of the most comfortable chairs you can find on the contemporary market. Even cheap papasan cushion will look good in almost any room, adding a touch of perfect style to corner of your home. These are lovely chairs that provide a surprisingly cozy place to read, watch TV, and relax after a long day at work. And, oh, yeah, the papasan cushion is great for a nap!  The wealth of papasan cushions choice allows any buyer to choose the optimal combination of shape, color and rigidity of the cushion. Use this soft element to decorate the existing base of the papasan chair or lay it on the floor to provide comfortable leisure and relaxation for households.

Why are Papasan Chairs with Cushion so expensive?

What is the price of a papasan chair with a cushion? Each manufacturer has its own. Prices depend on the type of materials used, the complexity of the shapes that make up the design (which can include outstanding elements such as delicate carvings or weaving), as well as on the quality and resistance of said materials. The purchase price alone is not that high, but prices considerably increase when you include labor costs and materials for cushions.

Choosing furniture, any buyer, of course, assesses both its appearance, as well as belonging to a particular price category. Papasan chair with cushion can be expensive because of the materials, as we’ve mentioned before. The frame of the original classic papasan chair is usually made of rattan or bamboo. These materials feature natural origin, and that’s why are prized for their beautiful appearance and durability. They not only look attractive but are also soft to the touch and more comfortable for sitting in.

If you seek an affordable papasan chair cushion cheap solutions are also available. These chairs can be just as attractive in appearance but made of more accessible materials (mostly of artificial origin). You may be sure, papasan chair with cushion and frame made of metal is still attractive and convenient. It is not always necessary to pay a fabulous money for comfort and beauty. You can buy the most simple furniture solution and then add it with a replacement papasan chair cushion.

As you have already understood, the cost of a cushioned chair reflects a number of such furniture’s parameters. Sometimes the high price forms due to a strictly high-profile name (brand). But expensive is not always equal to high quality. So if you liked the inexpensive but stylish round bamboo chair cushion, do not deny yourself the purchase. Instead, read reviews from other buyers, see all available photos of the product, make sure you like its size and color, and make the long-awaited purchase.

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